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Day 1: Marco Galaviz


In Their Words: 

"So I make each bite of a burrito

an act of resistance

Each plate of mole, an 

act of subversion

Make each chile relleno an

atomic explosion—in your stomach

A chocolate concha,

landmines of flavor through

your tastebuds

It’s not that eating is revolutionary,

but that it is revolutionary to eat

something made by hand, made

by love, hecho con el corazon

Made by those who love you.

Food is all I have left.” (link)

Who: Marco Galaviz

Where: New York, New York by way of Sinaloa, Mexico

Medium: Video, Poetry



House Raid Documented 

"This piece is about how sacred the mundane is and how easily it can be taken away from us. The film works on many levels; my mother and brother can very well be deported, members of the cast and crew were undocumented and our communities are targeted every day."

Other pieces include: FoodDance, Dance; and New York Dream Act: A Brief History

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