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Day 4: Adriana Santos


In Their Words:

"As I began enhancing my craft, I realized there was
something bigger than simply constructing these pieces,
their value was unyielding.

The name “ImmigreatDesigns” comes directly from my past
and currently from my present.

"Statistics do not tell the story of immigration, people do."

By using the word immigrant as a negative phrase
we deny the importance of immigrants to our society.

We are a nation of immigrants.” (link)

Who: Adriana Santos of Immigreat Designs

Where: Oakland, California by way of Oaxaca, Mexico

Medium(s): Textile


Migration is Beautiful




Orange Cream Machine 


Where to Find:

Facebook | Website | Instagram  | Tumblr

ImmigreatDesigns was also featured at BUTCHLyfe’s Expanding Ideas in Masculine Fashion for Female and Trans-Masculine Bodies event in Oakland, CA. In addition to Adriana’s site, bowties are also available for purchase at the Show & Tell Oakland Concept Shop and at TRUE Clothing on Haight St. in San Francisco.

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