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Day 10: Julio Salgado


In Their Words:

"I believe that art has a big impact on culture and politics. I want to honor the younger folks that are doing amazing work that have given me the courage to come out as an undocumented person, and I want to honor them with art. I have actually come out of the closet twice - once as an undocumented immigrant and also as a queer person. It’s interesting the intersectionality between both identities." (link)

Who: Julio Salgado

Where: Berkeley, California by way of Ensenada, Mexico

Medium(s): Visual art


Billboard on the corner of Bryant and 24th in the Mission District of San Francisco, for June 2013. 


Dia de Los Muertos Mujeres


Illustrations for Papers the Book, from the makers of Papers the Movie


Black Girl Dangerous Illustration


Undocumented Apparel Series


Where to find:

You can find more of Julio’s art, thoughts and musings on his personal tumblr. Julio was a rider on the Undocubus, and you can find more features with him on Colorlines, We Want the Airwaves with Nia King, The Qu, The Huffington Post, Time Magazine and an official Wikipedia entry. You can support his art by purchasing some of his prints or buying a copy of Papers the Book. Julio is also a member of Dreamers Adrift and appears in the Undocumented & Awkward and Bad Jotos Club series.  

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